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  • 45th Reunion - In A Nutshell

    Columbus Day Weekend 2015 Read More
  • Local Breakfast Joints

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  • 8-Ball Pool Shoot

    A friendly game of pool with the Lisciotti's Read More
  • Schedule of Events

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  • 1 Friday Night - Shea's American Bar & Grill
  • 2 Saturday Morning - continental breakfast at the high school.
  • 3 Historic Manchester - Sunday Afternoon at 1:00PM.
  • 4 The Main Event - Georgina's Restaurant
  • 5 Breakfast Club
  • 6 Shady Glen Lunch
  • 7 Baymont Inn - across the street from Shea's.
  • 8 Case Mountain Hike
  • 9 Golf Sunday
  • 10 An Afternoon Break - Saturday & Sunday
  • Friday Night - Shea's American Bar & Grill

    You may remember Shea's as having been the Acadia Restaurant. Our first get together will be here on Friday night. Those arriving early can meet for dinner at 7:00pm.
  • Saturday Morning - continental breakfast at the high school.

    When the bell rings at 9:00AM on Saturday morning you better be in line at the high school cafeteria. Continental breakfast will be served, we'll sit in waves organized by grammar school, we will follow that by a tour of the school with a dip in the pool.
  • Historic Manchester - Sunday Afternoon at 1:00PM.

    The history of Manchester is tied to the history of the Cheney's like wet is to water. If you, like this writer, never took the time to appreciate this industry and the town that it built then you will have this opportunity.
    Read More
  • The Main Event - Georgina's Restaurant

    The Main Event! A dignified affair befitting a parcel of rogues. Georgina's is located in Bolton Notch at the site of what was Fiano's Restaurant. This will be an informal event. Start time is 6:00PM with a reception followed by a buffet style dinner. The usual customs will be observed. So will the unusual customs. The highlight of the night will be a band made up of our own classmates: Sirkka Johnson, Ray Simpson, Phil Spillane, and Jared Stansfield.
  • Breakfast Club

    For those out of town, oh heck, even if you're in town, groups will get together to meet at any of the local breakfast joints.
  • Shady Glen Lunch

    If you haven't had a Shady Glen cheeseburger you may want to do it for lunch just one time. For those interested we will find a time to do that.
  • Baymont Inn - across the street from Shea's.

    If you need a hotel this may be the choice to make. It's right across the street from Shea's. It's not 5 stars but a lot better than a cell in the police station. Take my word for it.
  • Case Mountain Hike

    On the planning board for Sunday or Monday. This will be weather sensitive so a schedule may not be firmed up until closer to the event. If you have an opinion on this please make it known.
  • Golf Sunday

    A round of golf is on the planning board for the weekend. Day and time will depend on those interested and the weather. Best day would be Sunday or Monday. Make your interests known!
  • An Afternoon Break - Saturday & Sunday

    Smoke'm if you got'm. For those who enjoy a cigar we will meet at a location to be named. We will likely do this on Saturday following the historic tour. Stay tuned.

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