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Let's Think! On Second Thought Let's Not.

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From the front pages of our Somanhis:

somanhisPage2Have you ever gazed into your mind and found there; The world below the world of seeing, which is above the world of existence

This is some bad science right here. A chemistry class gone wrong.



Their motions move me to shut my mind to ignore the imidations to deny their direction. Drawing into myself to hear a symphony of silence

Imidations? Never heard of them. Did you do them all or you got some left? One looks like it's pretty good.


Energy rampages through my mind shouting exultantly of motility, I am hurled upward grasping for air and return to earth, vacated.

Vacated? I think what is being described here is you had some bad meatloaf from the cafeteria and finally farted...Bang!...some relief...vacated! Pretend it wasn't you! That's what study halls are for.



(The searing flame of) Truth separates what appear to be from what I am; And draws me from hiding among others to stand alone

What is going on? Is this somekind of alienated personality here? Were we in danger here? Should they have put the school on lockdown?



One moment, a crystal ornament suspended from the web of time, to recall, forever.

Not bad, not bad but I didn't have too many of those. At least not of the variety this author was probably thinking of.


Melancholy is shattered by a smile a laugh into millions of fragments each reflecting sunlight

Hmmm. I wonder what's got you down? This is before prozac but you could have got yourself a little something special out in the parking lot.


I am alone with myself even when I am with you, and I fear what I will find when I have the courage to look

There you go again with the isolation and loner stuff. Not a good sign. You're gonna scare people.


Warm grains of life settle softly reflecting, gently, the last son. Time reaches to touch, comforting with infinity. I walk awed within myself facing the end of today the beginning of tomorrow.

Good hell man! Get your shit together! It's not that complicated!

somanhisPage1From the back pages of our Somanhis:

Emptiness exists, where yesterday, I laughed

Everyday is not going to be a good day. Get over it.


Moods. My mind reeling with the impact of old questions new answers but my face remains immobile my hands still refusing to express me.

Leave your face alone. Sounds like novacaine. We probably had the same dentist.


Mind expansion is an eternal task of society our goal as individuals is not only the acquisition of facts but the evolution of ideas

Said another way, learning is a life long process that leads to innovation. I'll bet you got an iPhone 6?


Rows of lines moving complacently streams of orderly thought funneled into action and the end is the beginning.

You lost me there? You're talking in circles. I had to take drugs to think like that. And they were good!


That intangible all consuming spirit pervades a hazy afternoon drawn together behind a common cause, we are, as they say beautiful.

That's the Boonesfarm wine talking. Loved those hazy late May days at Wickham Park just before finals when you knew you had almost no chance of passing.


Can the dead work for peace; or are we left to strive for them, because of them. We must learn why [If a reason exists] they have died or why [If no reason exists] they no longer live.

Solid. Out of respect for the dead and those who serve I'll let this one be. Respect.


Like a desereted beach, the emptiness provides my mind with time to evaluate my microscopic realm in the universe

Desereted? No spellcheck back then? And again with this theme of alienation and isolation.



I did not need to find a crowd I need to find myself when I am among people I must be able to see me not just a reflection of what they see to live with others to discover who I am

Growing up isn't easy. Not back then and not today. One way or another we all find our way to a life that moves at a pace we are comfortable with.

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