If You "Sign Up" with this Website Then What?

NOTE: signing up or registering with this site is disabled. We were getting too many bogus registrations. This is due to software changes that does not allow for CAPTCHA challenges. Until further notices please use the Contact Form. Fill it out and we'll verfiy you as a class member.

If you sign up with this website then what? There are two thing you should know for starters. First we should mention our privacy policy. It's simple.

We will not share personal information with anyone under any circumstances. If someone wants to connect with you through this website or by asking a reunion organizer we will notify you and you can decide.

Second, signing up with this site is a completely different proposition than maintaining your current contact information in the class database.

Signing up with this site allows you to access an area of this website that is private to registered members only. If you do not sign up with this site you will still get all the communications everyone else gets. You won't miss a thing.

To sign up click on the "Sign up" link below the red "LOG IN" button. It is found below, twice, and at the bottom of many pages.

After completing your registration you will be able to login to the website from the bottom lower left login form. Right now there's not much to do but we may add more features. Particulary as the event date draws near. Now, however, you can add a photo to your profile and you can message other registered users.

What personal information of mine is available to other registered class members?

Other registered users cannot see your email. If you get a message from another user it will display their emal address. If you message someone it will be sent FROM YOUR EMAIL thus revealing your email address. Keep that in mind.

Privacy will be taken seriously. Inappropriate contact will not be accepted. Please report any concerns.


Click the "Sign up" link below the red "Login" button to begin the registration process.

This registration form appears at the bottom left of every page of the website. You can even see it there now.

Class of 1970 • Manchester High School • Manchester, CT 06040

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