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This is from the 45th Reunion. Rather than clear it we will leave it up for a while.

Last Updated: 10/8/2015 5:00PM  •  116 Are Going!

NOTE: this list is not a live update. It gets updated only on occasion.

There are now 2 lists. One for those attending the banquet and a second for those who will attend some other part of the reunion weekend.

If you want to change any information you see here then you must fill out this the form. Go to where it says "Click here" and click.

Oh...here it is ->Click Here<-.

The arrival day and departure day were intended to let others know when you would be at the reunion. The idea is that you could coordinate and plan your time to see those not here for the entire weekend. Not everyone entered that correctly. It might not have been clear. You can click above and fill out the form. We'll then update these lists. Thank you!

Attending the Banquet at Georgina's

Last Name First Name Arrival Departure Grammar School
Aceto Bruce Friday Monday  
Adams Paige ? ?  
Albert Wackter Rolanda Friday Sunday Bowers
Bangasser Doenges Margaret Saturday Sunday  
Bellefleur Sheila Friday Monday  
Bensche Buettner Maureen Friday Monday Bowers
Byram Beben-Manville Heidi Friday Monday Washington/Robertson
Clark Slegeski Wendy Friday Monday Lincoln
Coombs Candy Friday Sunday  
Curtin Jim ? ?  
Dodge Paul Friday Sunday Washington
Douglas Wayne Saturday Sunday Bentley
Duva Thomches Laurie ? ?  
Eastman Nosal Sharon Friday Monday Bowers
Eddy David Friday Sunday  
Eddy Garth ? ?  
Enes Peppy Friday Monday  
Filloramo Cathy ? ?  
Geyer Bill Friday Sunday Washington
Goss McKay Barbara Friday Sunday Buckley
Hansen Andy Friday Friday Bentley
Harris Smith Deborah Friday Sunday  
Harvey Martha Friday Saturday  
Hawkes Marvin Deborah Friday Saturday Waddell
Hawver Brinkerhoff Dale ? ?  
Hellenbrand McAllister Jean Saturday Saturday  
Hicock Rudolph Jane Saturday Sunday Bowers
Hunt Benoit Deborah Saturday Sunday  
Hutt Brown Cheryl Saturday Saturday  
Jacobs Linda Friday Friday  
Johnson Sirkka Friday Monday Washington
Johnson Scott Friday Sunday Buckley
Johnston Greg Friday Monday Green
Jones Theresa Friday Monday  
Kanehl Beranger Karen Friday Monday  
Katz Susan Saturday Sunday  
Knowles Steullet Laine Friday Monday  
Koehler Dodge Katherine Friday Sunday  
Kravitz Ellen Saturday Sunday Buckley
Kutcher Michael Saturday Saturday  
Lanagan John ? ?  
Landsberg Edward Friday Sunday  
Lankford Chuck Friday Monday Waddell
Leister Joyce Friday Sunday Robertson
LeSure Jeannette Friday Monday Bowers
Levine Peter ? ?  
MacDonald Betty Saturday Saturday  
Maher Brian Saturday Saturday  
Maidelis Tali Friday Sunday  
Marshall Fred Friday Monday Bentley
Mellen Roger Friday Monday Verplanck
Miller Colledge Kristine Saturday Saturday  
Mitchell Duane Friday Monday Bowers
Montany Jr. Eugene Friday Monday  
Munroe Truesdale Suzanne Saturday Saturday  
Nash Ed Friday Sunday  
Nash Jack Friday Monday Buckley
Naylor Mark Saturday Sunday Keeney/Lincoln
Nicolas Walsh Cheryl ? ?  
Odell John Friday Monday Green
Olcott James Friday Saturday Verplanck
Oppelt Anderson Debra Friday Monday Washington
Paine Donald Saturday Saturday  
Palmer Don Friday Sunday Verplanck
Petig Fred Friday Friday Bowers
Provost Grezel Susan Friday Monday Bowers
Ralph Paolillo Jean Saturday Saturday Waddell
Rawlings Johnson Lana Friday Sunday  
Robertson Dana Friday Monday Robertson
Roche Ron Friday Monday  
Seavey David Saturday Monday Bentley
Simpson Raymond Friday Monday  
Sipala Poirier Donna Friday Sunday Bowers
Sipala Cohen Diane ? ? Bowers
Spillane Philip Friday Monday Lincoln
Stansfield Jared Friday Monday Buckley
Stone Bochain Shelley ? ?  
Thurnauer Beau Friday Monday Washington
Treat Melquist Sarah Saturday Saturday  
Trotter Bob Friday Sunday Washington
Turner Russell Friday Sunday Washington
Vendetta Elizabeth Saturday Sunday Waddell
Vincek Greg Friday Monday Verplanck/Waddell
Walch Barry ? ?  
Walsh Dennis Friday Monday Bowers
Ware Gagnon Karen Friday Sunday Bowers
Wiganowske Wig Friday Monday Bowers
Wilson Randy Friday Monday  
Winzler Mark Friday Monday  
Wirta Twiggy Friday Monday  
Yules Robert Saturday Saturday  


Classmates Attending Part of the Weekend but not the Banquet

Classmates listed here may only be attending part of the weekend and/or they may be attending the banquet but have not yet sent in their payment.

You can make any corrections to your information by filling out this form. ->Click here.<-

If you know you will attend please let others know by filling out this form.

Last Name First Name Arrival Departure Grammar School
Adams Edward Saturday Saturday  
Arey Karlak Martha Friday Friday Bentley
Armstrong Steve Friday Sunday Bowers
Aronson Gary ? ?  
Bedard Mills Janice Friday Friday St. James
Bellefleur Luntta Katherine ? ?  
Bousfield Jack      
Brown Richard Friday Friday  
Buckland Brown Jane Friday Friday  
Burke Huhtala Candace Saturday Sunday Lincoln
Carrara Carrera-Soobitsky Janine      
Daigle Sue ? ?  
Hettinger Payne Joann Friday Monday Robertson
Jacobson Beach Susan Friday Friday  
Landerfin Daniel ? ?  
Mortlock Ginny Friday Saturday Buckley
Quey Frank Friday Friday Bowers
Reichlin Alan Friday Monday Buckley
Rohan Ersly Nancy ? ?  
Rood David Friday Monday  
Sawyer Judy Friday Friday  
Sibrinsz Grant Leslie Friday Monday Bowers
Spangberg Benoit Sylvia ? ?  
Steely Leber Lois Friday Friday  
Thibodeau Horila Michele Saturday Saturday Lincoln


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