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Last Updated: 10/5/2022 12:00PM

57 classmates are going.

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Classmates Attending Some Or All Of The Weekend Events

Last Name First Name Arrival Departure Grammar School
Aceto Bruce Friday Friday  
Adams Paige Saturday Sunday Bowers
Albert Ronnie Friday Sunday Bowers
Bensche Buettner Maureen Friday Sunday Bowers
Bickley John Friday Sunday  
Byram Hilda Friday Monday Washington/Robertson
Clark Slegeski Wendy Friday Saturday Lincoln
Dodge Paul Friday Sunday Washington
Eastman Sharon Saturday Sunday Bowers
Enes Peppy Friday Sunday St. James
Hansen Andy Friday Friday Bentley
Haskell Richard Friday Saturday Green
Hicock Rudolph Jane Friday Monday Bowers
Hooper Ringbloom Kathleen Friday Friday Waddell
Hunt Deb Saturday Saturday Lincoln
Jacobs Linda Saturday Sunday Buckley
Johnson Sirkka Friday Monday Washington
Johnson Scott Friday Monday Buckley
Jones Terri Friday Monday Nathan Hale
Kahn Larry Friday Monday Green
Koehler Dodge Katherine Friday Monday Verplank
Kravitz Ellen Saturday Saturday Buckley
Landsberg Edward Friday Monday Waddell
Lankford Chuck Friday Sunday Waddell
Lescroart Gene Friday Sunday  
LeSure Jetty Friday Friday Bowers
Maidelis Tali Friday Monday Hartford, CT
Marshall Fred Friday Sunday Bentley
Mitchell Duane Friday Monday Bowers
Mortlock Ginny Friday Friday Buckley
Nash Ed Friday Monday  
Odell John Friday Sunday Green
Oppelt Anderson Debra Friday Friday Washington
Paine Donald Friday Sunday Buckley
Palmer Don Friday Friday Verplanck
Pease Susan Saturday Saturday  
Pemberton Ralph Friday Monday  
Peresluha Elaine Saturday Sunday Buckley
Provost Grezel Susan Friday Friday Bowers
Rivers Renna Joyce Friday Sunday  
Roche Ronnie Friday Monday Nathan Hale
Saunders Karen Friday Monday  
Seavey David Friday Monday Bentley
Simpson Raymond Friday Friday Verplank
Spilecki Cathy Saturday Sunday Waddell
Spillane Philip Friday Monday Lincoln
Stansfield Jared Friday Sunday Buckley
Swadosh Rob Friday Monday  
Tedford Ken Friday Monday Bently
Thompson Frigault Carole Friday Monday  
Vater Iuliano Karen Friday Monday Bowers
Vendetta Beth Saturday Sunday Waddell
Vincek Greg Friday Monday Verplanck, Waddell
Wann Culler Ellen Friday Monday Verplanck
Ware Gagnon Karen Saturday Saturday Bowers
Wickwire James Saturday Sunday Bowers
Wiganowske Wig Friday Friday Bowers

The Quadrangle

The Quadrangle